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Hi, I'm Yusuf.

I have a strong interest in language, culture, technology, entrepreneurship, and education. After I learned how to code back in 2017, I started to like building stuff on the web.

This page was built with One Profile, one of my notable projects. My other projects include writing about my language-learning journey at Lingua Franca Café and building a language-loving community at Pollieglot. I have also written a short playbook on product-launching at howtolaunch.fyi where I share my personal tips on marketing a product on the internet....

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Building Delightful Presents 🎁

Giftworks was named after a beautiful person called Doreen. The name Doreen is a combination of Dora- and the suffix -een where Dora is referred to as 'Doron'  which means 'Gift' in Greek.

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